Both Sides Now ...

The Same.

Superman. Clark Kent. Both trying to nail Lois in their own, constrained genitalia kind of way. Both fighting a never-ending battle for truth … justice ..… and The American Way (not to be, in any way, confused or associated with the first two undertakings).

Clark Kent … clearly, the left-wing, socialist liberal – what, writing for a major metropolitan newspaper, and all. And Superman, the right-winged vigilante who used his own body as an unregistered handgun. And yet … both, one in the same, playing overtures for the Lois Lane Labia – or ‘LLL’ – as it’s referred to in socio-academic circles …

And so it is with our political players: Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, both sauntering through the very same space at Ladies Night, and you – the American voter … that pussy.

"There is no Republican Party; there is no Democratic Party. There is just one party ... and you're not invited."

- Joseph, 2004 -

A longtime friend of mine who had worked with the Republican party for years would, more recently, retire from the field. Disillusioned with her own side – as I had become with my own – she would now cite the Republicans as … ‘Democrats, Version 2.0 – Enhanced Premium’. For now there was little to distinguish between the opposing parties.

Indeed, somewhat similar sentiments would be voiced more recently by another friend, veteran conservative talk host, Rick Seiderman …

“Our problem isn’t Obama”, said Rick. “Our problem … is ourselves”.

And how right (no pun) Rick is. For, as of this day, true conservatism may be romanticized in almost nostalgic-like terms – at least when referenced to the Republican party ... you know – the former standard-bearer of conservative ideology, now seemingly left to folklore legend.

But Rick, perhaps, is more correct than even he realizes as the Republican party – and the Nuevo-Conservative movement – make the very same mistakes as liberals and the Democratic party have made in years past …

“Whoa, hold on, Joseph”, you pause to ponder. “What is a ‘Nuevo-Conservative’, as you put it?” … Okay … I can best describe it in terms of what a Nuevo-Conservative isn’t: The ‘Nuevo’ variety is not Barry Goldwater … or William Buckley, both of days gone by. For neither one of these … gentlemen … would be drawn into ‘the bullshit’ that preoccupies the Nuevo-Conservative. Not even Ronald Reagan would have been so suckered like this. Read on …

Barack Obama stands as the best thing that has happened to the Democratic party since … well … Bill Clinton. But not for the reasons that most of you think, whether you be liberal or conservative ...

For the Nuevo-Conservative – and The Republican Party – Obama, himself, has become the distraction – that which ranks among the most potent of all political weapons. Nuevo-Conservatives, not merely driven by hatred – but consumed by it, are not just taking their eye off the ball … it’s been dropped to the floor, progressively bouncing it’s way down the stairs to the basement ... and seemingly without notice. The only ones who do notice are the true conservatives, more recently overshadowed – and perhaps doomed – by the Nuevo-Conservative.

Consider Rick Seiderman’s words once again … “Obama isn’t our problem. Our problem … is ourselves.” This, as a variant of “we have met the enemy, and the enemy is us”. But here’s the thing … The enemy isn’t among the conservatives, true and actual. Rather, the enemies are among those who have seized and hijacked conservative ideology, twisting and deforming it, making it an arena that plays host to a group of angry and embittered malcontents, much like Frankenstein villagers with torches and pitchforks. Kind of like what would become of … liberalism.

Rick now streams video commentary from home ...

"Obama is not a dishonorable human being. He's a liberal period. End of story."

"Our problem is ourselves. And if we want to get our act together, we better learn how to be good conservatives."

Former conservative talk host, Rick Seiderman

Superman. Clark Kent. One in the same.

Elsewhere on the Internet, I would write the following as it related to the ‘Tea Party’ phenomena – sans an actual phenomenon:

“To me, the Tea Parties weren't entirely different from a variety of liberal protests, past and present ... a silly-hat, party-like atmosphere, popularized by fashionable trend – and to little ultimate effect.

Don’t delude yourselves into believing that such efforts represent actual accomplishment. They don’t. Grass Root efforts are far more frequently romanticized than they are, recognized – no matter what the media coverage. Most any political consultant would tell you the same thing, if they were to be honest with you – breaking your little, enthusiastic hearts. Change, itself, has become increasingly intricate and complex over the past few decades. And the roots of the grass generally lack the sophistication required to transform. Indeed, if the change desired was to emerge, it wouldn’t be by their hand – or seed.

In short, you can dump all of the tea you want … but you’re still dropping the acid. It’s not that these street-level, maniacal menageries are entirely meaningless. Merely silly. Pointless. Fruitless. Most change is beyond the scope of their influence. It’s not the tea leaves. It’s who you have in your Rolodex. And most of you don’t even have one. And even if you did, the people in it would likely be confined to ineffectual fellow malcontents, such as yourselves. Again … unavailing. You might as well just pick up the cold cut assortment at the supermarket and throw a bash in your own backyard, for all the good it does you.”

I could have just as easily written the same thing about my liberal contemporaries. Superman. Clark Kent. One in the same.

Indeed, on both sides, most political protests and issue-based ‘rallies’ are to the benefit – and glory – of key organizers, wholly independent of shared sentiment or ‘mission’. Play the fool, as you please. I choose not to.

Hell, even conservative Rick used to attend some of the late 60s protests just as a vehicle to pick up some bleeding-heart pussy. Ironically, he was probably more successful in his endeavor than that of the rally, itself. In fact, I know he was …

In truth, the litany of Vietnam protests of the 1960s did absolutely nothing to abbreviate America’s involvement. In fact, many conservatives argue that they prolonged it. While I, myself, haven’t been able to find any absolute cause and effect relationships in that premise, the protest movement certainly wasn’t successful in expediting America’s withdrawal and non-victorious victory.

From anti-abortion protesters to gays on militant parade, as it relates to effecting actual change … Silly, silly people. One in the same. Just say you want to have a fucking party, make a little noise, and call it a day. But at some point during your political bacchanal, have a look around you and take note of the ones in absence – those of any real and tangible influence. And forget the ‘Media People’, you idiots. You’re just their inventory.

But no … those from the Left – and the Right – will continue to believe that they can change the world with a Magic Marker and a few pieces of poster board. Hell, throw them a tube of glue, along with a package of glitter, and they’ll think they’ve died and have gone to Protest Heaven. But neither side will ever realize – or even want to know – that change can’t be crafted … out of a Craft store.

It’s not the Civil Rights 60s anymore, children. Again, ‘change’ has become far more intricate, nuanced – and closed-circuit – in the decades since. As to the actual ‘change agents’ in the Beltway, you don’t even know who they are by name. They never campaigned. You never voted for them. They lurk in the halls. As such, you have no email addresses or telephone numbers to bombard.

Superman. Clark Kent. Both from planet Krypton …

"I used to say, 'conservatives are full of shit, and liberals are full of bullshit'. The difference? Those who are full of bullshit are the ones who know they're full of shit, but proceed anyway. Conservatives were merely full of shit, wholly unaware. But now I think they're both dealing in bullshit."

- Joseph, 2009 -

In these more recent days, I’ve grown increasingly disappointed in the conservatives – or Nuevo-Conservatives, rather, making the same mistakes that I’ve scorned my fellow liberals for …

Intellect is trumped by emotion. And a near-pathological hatred has overtaken reason. In fact, as of this writing, conservative Rick has stopped listening to both Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh – while also naming our mutual friend and conservative-newbie, Joyce Kaufman, as being a member of the ilk by way of his video commentary. Rick and I may have originally come from two different places, but we often end up on a similar square …

Indeed, as I peruse the FaceBook page of my longtime and dear friend, Joyce, I see a disturbing trend ... Yes, no talk host has complete control – perhaps any control, in an absolute sense – of their fan base … their ‘followers’. But one still has to ponder who they attract, what they attract – and why ...

Frankly, I see a group of some very angry people … sometimes going to some very dark places on Joyce’s FaceBook. Often ignorant. Frequently inarticulate. People who seem to find their comfort-zone ‘Snuggie’ somewhere between a straight jacket and a rubber room. Think Ted Nugent with a brain-targeted, steroid injection. In this new Obama world, the daily battering is beyond what even Bill Clinton ever endured …

For the liberal – or the Democrat – this may be regarded as a good thing, odd though it may seem. For these manic Nuevo-Conservatives are the ones who have taken their eye off the ball, lacking focus, doing absolutely nothing to push true conservatism forward.

Just as I had cautioned my own liberal brethren, you can’t move forward, solely preoccupied with putting out fires, consumed by your own hatred.

Those who have long known me may well wonder why I should even care that conservatism, at the twisted hand of the Nuevo-Conservative, is fucking up. That I should celebrate such a trend. But ... I just can't. I derive no satisfaction or joy from it. For I know that when either side – liberal or conservative – becomes so immersed in bullshit, it isn't good for this country – no matter who you are, or from where you may hail ... Give me old-school, Bill Buckley or Barry Goldwater any day ...

But, instead – on this day, as of this writing, the ‘Republican Brand’ (as it’s now being described) – often identified with conservatism, whether remaining valid or not – has fallen to a 25% approval rating ... the lowest in history (by one poll – NBC/Wall Street Journal). And, in a series of other polls, while 40% of the American people cite themselves as ‘conservatives’, an equal 40% prefer not to be “identified” … at all. This, combined with the remaining 20% freely identifying themselves as ‘liberal’. For the conservative who takes the moment to consider these trends, it can’t be good. There should be no comfort for those citing themselves as conservatives out-numbering ‘liberals’ by a ratio of 2:1 … You’re looking at the wrong numbers, and not fully coming to grasp with the ramifications associated with the 'unidentified'.

I was originally going to write a piece cautioning liberals on this day … That, despite recent successes, they weren’t entering the dawn of a new and enlightened, liberal age. Instead, with the very day following Election Day, they were crossing a threshold where they could end up … losing it all – and fast.

But if Nuevo-Conservatism remains on its course, liberalism – and the Democratic party can, indeed, keep the champagne flowing … And I do believe that true conservatives know this. Sense it, at the least.

For while the Nuevo-Conservatives are so entirely preoccupied with looking at the birds and the planes … Clark Kent may, indeed, end up with more powers … than Superman.

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