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Left Brain
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Right Brain
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An Introduction To Left Brain

Archived: Media Calibration



Guide to Political Genres

The Obama Show

The Epicenter of Liberalism

A Matter of Faith


Liberal Mind in Defense of Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter Demonic Review  


Both Sides Now, The Same 

The Gay Marriage Thing 

Deconstructing The Decomposing Jackson 


A Liberal Goodbye to a Conservative Friend

A Mega-Dose of National Health Care 

Guest: Mark Scheinbaum with Double Dose

In These Days of Stars  



Joseph's FaceBook Regulations 

Evil Liberal Plan

Old Black Water, Keep On Rolling



Guest: Frank Prinzel on Corporate Power 

Joseph: Solving World Problems

Malice in Blunderland

Walk-Out: Where Liberals Fail  

The Prime of Miss Joyce Kaufman  


The Ultra-Left Shooting Massacre After-Party

Guest: Mark Scheinbaum on Egypt Crisis 

Guest: David McReynolds on Egypt 

Hands-On Report of Catholic iConfess 


A Time Prior to Winter

Guest: David McReynolds on Libya 

Guest: Mark Scheinbaum - Radio Needed 

Bin Laden & Other Victims  


The GOP Fashion Report

Joseph Does FOX News  

Guest: Mark Scheinbaum - End of Iraq War 


Romney Considered

Republican Destiny  

American Shoot-Out   

Growing Up Sixties     New! 

An Introduction To Right Brain

Required Reading: A Matter of Vision

The Tools of Our Artistic Endeavors



The Current Gallery

Digital Access Image Management

Rangefinder Film Classic on a Dime

Nikon User in Praise of Pentax

Shooting iPhone 



The Current State of Popular Music - Chapter 1

Guest: Janis Ian - Death of Independence

Guitar Notes:  Yamaha Living in Sin with Martin

Guitar Notes:  Yamaha Classic - The FG-160

Guitar Notes: I Sing The Body Electric  

Guitar Notes: Noiseless Telecaster - Rewire & Why 


Artist Spotlight: John Dawson Read

Spotlight: Pussy and Continuo in A Minor 



Joseph and The Play Room

Guest: David McReynolds on 'The Illusionist'


Parting Shot


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