They took away your stellar health care system. They want to control the financial industry. They further demand your grandparents die 'on schedule'.

See what they have in store for their 'Energy Plan' ...


Liberal’s Evil Alternative Energy Plan to Tap The Windmills of Your Mind

SPARTANBURG, NORTH CAROLINA – In computer printouts provided by a reliable source – close to the source – documents reveal a plan of the Obama administration, working in concert with The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, to employ sub-cranial connections to the ‘Windmills of All American Minds’, as referenced in the classified papers.

As posted on the government-run website, “NREL is the only federal laboratory dedicated to the research, development, commercialization and deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Backed by 32 years of achievement, NREL leads the way in helping meet the growing demand for clean energy.”

But a darker tone emerges in papers that reveal a consultation position for Neuro Physicist, Dr. Abner Finkelstein – a known Jew – who has been invited to The White House to meet personally with the Kenyan-born President of The United States, Barrack Obama – a known Socialist and Healthcare agitator.

Those with intimate knowledge of the “new, sub-cranial energy plan” indicate that it was President Obama’s own, childhood tribal experience with shrunken skulls that led him to “the promising research” previously conducted by Dr. Finkelstein – a Polish Jew. Still, there are those who remain curious as to why one of Jewish descent would enthusiastically work in unison with a President known to have so much in common with Adolph Hitler, as definitively proven by innumerable poster-board placards seen at Tea Party rallies across this great land of ours, in the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

This new ‘Alternative Energy Plan’ – as described in a series of classified drawings – attaches two exterior-mounted terminals to the human skull, whereby the schematics further indicate internal, sub-cranial wiring that leads directly to the windmills of your mind. It is here that ‘Direct Current’ (DC) shall be collected from the human ‘Brain Mill’ to be stored in large, storage capacitor banks as part of the National Grid Network before it’s rectified to ‘Alternating Current’ (AC), as used in most homes and businesses.

Close to 135,000,000 of these electrical 'binding posts' have initially been ordered by the Federal Government as Radio Shack 'Cat No. 274-661' in preparation for the 'Windmills of Your Mind Program', according to sources.

Each American over the age of twelve (12), the papers reveal, shall dedicate as much as 7 hours a week to the collection of brain-mill energy as a procedure to be performed at the new and massively widespread network of government-run hospitals that, as predicted, have cropped up within months of President Obama’s successful passage of the National Healthcare Reform Plan – or ‘Obama Care’, as commonly described.

But as the documents further detail, the actual time each American must devote to “the transfer of power” may vary significantly, depending on regional demand and “population output”. For example, according to the included research papers, residents of New York state typically output 4350 milliamps, per hour, of recoverable power from the windmills of their minds – while those in South Carolina, say, output a little less than 2200 milliamps, or about half of the recoverable power.

What makes the situation worse is that those from Gulf Coast states – as well as several ‘fly-over’ regions – can often provide an ‘average’ capacity of only 875 milliamps, with rare and occasional peaks reaching the ‘1700 level’, as described. This, according to Dr. Finkelstein – a known Jew – can be attributed to a far lower rotational consistency among the uneducated lower classes, relating to the windmills of their minds. Finkelstein, in turn, attributes this ‘rotational defect’ to the prolonged inhalation of indelible ink markers typically used in the creation of anti-government and pro-choice demonstration placards.

Sources with knowledge of the new Alternative Energy Plan indicate that, while there are still some technical consideration to be sorted out, the implementation could commence by 2014, reaching full capacity by the year 2020.

Indeed, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), in tandem with behavioral specialist, Matt Monroe, is already producing mind-control videos related to the program for the upcoming ‘Government Channel’ (contact your local cable or satellite provider for listings) …

EXCLUSIVE: Secret DNC Behavioral Mind Control Video

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