I found her groping in the dark,
No light, no torch, no flame or spark,
Just blackened ashes from the heart,
    to sweep away
I took a breath and took them in,
Closed my eyes and looked within,
And saw confetti in the wind,
    just swept away

I raised a glass and toasted those,
Who knew what best to never show,
The emperors and all their clothes,
    now stripped away
I turned my head and shut them out,
Closed my eyes and did without,
Bit my lip, then turned about,
    and slipped away

And in between the truth and lies,
The lines they draw around the eyes,
Our secret lives, our alibis,
    all gather near
From battlefields where blood is fresh,
To battle scars that ripped our flesh
Come the messages we intercept,
    so no one hears

Telephones and telegrams,
The words we spoke, the ones we banned,
The voice of God, the cries of man,
    all sound as one
From dialogues in picture shows,
To epitaphs, rhymes, and prose,
The words we meant, the ones we chose,
    resound as one

Obituaries and decrees,
Forgotten words in faint reprise,
Remember me as you please,
    forever more
And if we meet there in the dark,
We’ll turn our heads without remark,
Bite our lips and then depart,
    forever more


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 original contents copyright © joseph bambach