GOOD GRIEF: Post-Election Grief Counselors for School Children
... and Boston aside, they're coming to a 'NEIGHOBORHOOD' near you ...

Above: A quick iPhone grab from a few years ago in a Boston ... 'neighoborhood'. Yay, Charter Schools!

I understand, with the election of Donald Trump, many are feeling blue. It’s a bummer — especially for we Bernie supporters.

But I’ve now been alerted to something happening up in Boston — as a city I had previously encountered at the intersection of the third-rate and the third-world. It’s a place that regards itself as cultured, but for the average Bostonian, ‘dinner and a show’ is a Dunkin’ Donut and a flip-down seat at Fenway.

Still, far more than that, it’s long been the national epicenter of faux-liberalism. And in its own forged image, it comes up with new and innovative ‘feel good’ ideas to underscore its fakery. Indeed, after the recent Trump victory, Boston Public Schools have pulled in Grief Counselors so the students "can better cope" with the election results.

And worse, other cities are now beginning to follow Boston’s lead to diminish the electoral trauma felt by their students — the poor, precious dears.

Funny, that. I’ve heard of a time before when school children had witnessed three major assassinations — four if one wishes to include Malcolm-X — in a short, five year period. They additionally saw 50,000 body bags return home over a 10 year period — night after night on the nightly news. For many of these kids, their older brothers were in those bags. The children of this age were also the spectators of true and actual riots in the streets as they watched large swatches of American cities being burned to the ground.

And yet … these very children navigated themselves through that very adult world without … GRIEF COUNSELORS.

So how did this new, wimpish, emotionally panty-waisted generation come to be? Look at who raised them ...

The 90's/Millennial-age parents who couldn’t successfully raise a fully tranquilized lab rat even if you offered them the incentive of a 30-day trial Health Club membership housing 48 spin machines — every bit as production-uniform as the suburban-stupefied exercisers they accommodate.

These KOHL’S Commandos, wielding gift card currency, believing to have culturally upscaled themselves with a couple of night courses at the local Community College — even if they were Cooking classes — have managed to create a generation even more self-centered, self-indulgent and closed-loop than themselvesand I didn’t think that could be done !

I mean, LOOK at these kids … While not entirely without dimension — all two of them — they’ve lived in households where the micro-mini dramas of their text-chronicled whiny angsts are regarded as genuine protest movements. And their parents have supplied these households, furniture-stuffed — garnished with Pier 1 Import accessories — that, at their core, have nevertheless showcased domestic environments that have remained ... vacant. More telling, you can’t find even the most meager, single bookshelf therein — containing actual books — not with a fucking Geiger counter (to repurpose Tom Waits).

So is it really any wonder that these kids of single-cell intellect and myopic self-importance need ‘grief counseling’ for election results, somehow feeling the emotional anguish of a school shooting strewn with blood covered bodies? After all, so many have already been in production-line therapy — just like their vacuous, counseling-trendy parents before them. For what better way to create a continuum of self-indulgence where the topic of discussion is always themselves when all other, all-day venues — real and virtual … just aren’t enough.

But on this day, I can only try to comparatively comfort these brain-dead simpletons of their parent’s creation by telling them that something even worse than Donald Trump lays ahead in the future — that yes, will ultimately amount to nothing …


- Joseph -


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