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Just a sampling of those who have recently reflected upon Rick, many culled from my personal email inbox. All of the below, from Talk Radio ...


As the original angry Conservative, Rick was always informed, passionate and his caustic humor left callers babbling for days. He was way ahead of his time and many of us in the radio community stole his best lines. His distinctive nasal voice was the bane of Program Directors, but no one could deny the sheer magnitude of his knowledge and talent.

As for me, how does one say goodbye to her mentor, her defender, her adventure buddy? The man who made me ride a Harley, fly an ultra-light plane and face down my fears. Only God has changed me more from the person I was to the woman I am today.


It's really so very sad. I think of Rick often and fondly. I'm so sorry.


I choose to remember Rick for the big thinker he was. He was extremely smart. While most will remember him for his nasal-y delivery or penchant for emotional outbursts at things and people he considered outrageous, he was never given near the credit he was due for being a man of sharp, piercing analysis. Not only did I find him a kindred spirit who fired from the same political foxhole as I did, he was a brilliant historian and had magnificent recall and command of the details. And he was often ahead of his time. While the establishment candidates would get lots of air time early in campaigns - making it sometimes hard to find distinguishing characteristics among rivals - Rick was uncanny in cutting through the fog of political seasons to nail each candidate perfectly. He knew before anyone else, which politician would faithfully uphold the conservative ideals he (and I) held so dear.

I could always count on him to pick me up, give me a pep talk and reorient my thinking if I was ever down or felt the Republicans were blowing it, as they often did.

Most people didn't know what an optimist Rick was either. It's always been my experience that the most optimistic, cheery people I have ever known also happen to be conservatives. In contrast to his combative on-air persona, Rick was a gentle lamb, with a big heart, a great sense of humor, and a passionate love for his country and its history.

He was my friend, my compatriot, and in many ways my political mentor. The world has lost a great conservative voice and a larger then life character that you loved or hated. There was no middle ground. Count me as one who loved him dearly. And also count me as one who believes that The Gipper was standing at the pearly gates, smiling wide, and bidding him welcome. R.I.P.


That is horrible news about Rick. Rick was the rock of The Right. But the interesting thing was that he really WAS plugged into state and national politics, and national and international investment issues.


I can't even begin to express the loss I'm feeling at Rick's passing. If Steve Kane gave me my break in talk radio, it was Rick Seiderman who helped mold the thinking brain (credit Steve for the sizzle and Rick for the steak). I spent the morning having a me and Rick conversation in my head (ok it was out loud, but no one was listening, so whatever...), and I would try to say something and Rick would verbally pile-drive me with "No, no, Mr. Dunn - YOU'RE OFF!!" I meant to call him just this week to say hey and didn't and now imagine what a dick I feel like. For everything - from the many dinners at Michael's in Fort Lauderdale, to giving me my first in-house break (he made me his designated fill-in in '93), to helping me to be an honest host with my audience ("if you're gonna be a liberal, Mr. Dunn, be an honest liberal... Thank you, Rick.


I am deeply saddened to hear of our great loss, which Rick's passing is to us...a great loss. I had just recently gotten back in touch with him, a close friend for years, and I am shocked at this news. Joseph said it well that some of us will write more extensively later. I will say that Rick was a gentleman to me always and we had hours of discussion at times about God. I pray that the Lord captured his heart, even in the last seconds. My love goes out to all of Rick's family and friends.


It is just so hard to believe that Rick is really gone. The void that he leaves in our lives because of his passing is real. All trusted him and miss him. I hope he and Ronald Reagan are discussing politics now.

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